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Unique, emotional, powerful. A master songwriter and world class guitarist. Bruce's songs distill the human experience into four minute miracles of detail, molecules of emotion and visceral infectious guitar groove.

"Bruce Michael Miller brings great musicianship, remarkable songwriting, and a deeply affecting voice to the stage. His concerts cover a lot of emotional ground, and Bruce seamlessly takes you from heartfelt to hilarious and back again. Highly recommended." --  
Fran Snyder, Listening Room Network

Latest News

Covid 19 

This global pandemic has really taken the wind out of our sails as far as gigging goes, having had to cancel dozens of shows already but we are doing live facebook concerts and I'm planning one for next month as a solo show. We are safe and healthy and being very careful so I'm hoping for a good resolution of this very strange and amplified time. Please stay safe out there and be patient. This too shall pass.

Many Blessings


Happy 2020 

Starting the year out  in a relaxed way. 6 month marker post transplant on Feb 6th and all is going well. We have been busily booking for the year and beyond.

2019...Kidney transplant..Yikes and Blessings 

2019 was for me a year of medical tests and tests and procedures and major surgery and recovery. I did have a lot of gigs as a soloist and with my duo crazyloveduo. I did several house concerts and lots of recording and then had a kidney transplant on August 6th. My amazing girlfriend and music partner Heather Platts turned out to be a match and donated her kidney to me..saving my life and ability to perform. That's a Big Give for sure which just happens to be the title of our transplant themed show and CD soon to be released.

The last 6 months of 2019 were mostly dedicated to recovery and getting ready to get back in the saddle. We are both doing great physically and ready to rock and roll!

So Long 2018 and blessings to you all. 

I've had a very interesting and intense year. Huge changes in relationships, location, and just about everything else but through it all I've been performing and writing and meeting new challenges hopefully with some grace and kindness. Looking forward to 2019 and all it holds. I should have a new record out with some of the new songs on it. I think they reflect the times and the changes we are all going through as a nation and as humans. Many Blessings and Happy Holidays.

Holy Crap a lot has happened. 

I've been so busy these last several months that I've let my website go unattended.

I had an amazing summer touring throughout the northwest starting in Kansas City to Denver to Washington to Idaho to Montana and back to Idaho then to Nashville.

The fall found me in the Carolinas for some great shows and finally in Florida to survey the Hurricane damage and spread some love in the form of music. 

November I spent packing up my studio and my life for a huge move to Idaho in early December. After 21 years in Nashville I'm now residing in Idaho and booking gigs across the state and the region and the country. I'll be in Tampa Florida on Jan 28th to play for the "Among friends House show and then to Nashville for two weeks for some co-writing and visiting with my son and my friends. 

I've got some great new music that I will finish recording as soon as I find a spot for my studio.

I'm in Charlotte NC 

On the road this weekend where I'm performing at The Shaggy Turtle house concert on Friday night. Then off to Lincolntown for a Saturday show. 


We all know how much rejection is involved in the music biz so when we actually get recognized it feels so good. I recently took the grand prize in the Smoky Mountain Songwriters festival for my song "I'm Gonna Save You." It's available for sale on this site.
I also won the 2016 Los Angeles Independent Film Festival for best song for the movie "Halloween Party" 

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