A great song is the wedding between the melody and the lyric. Bruce Michael Miller's 'Already Somebody' is a perfect marriage.”

— - John Densmore (drummer for the Doors)

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Unique, emotional, powerful. A master songwriter and world class guitarist. Bruce's songs distill the human experience into four minute miracles of detail, molecules of emotion and visceral infectious guitar groove.

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Grand Prize Winner of the 2016 and 2017 Smoky Mountain Music Festival and winner for best song 2017 Los Angeles Indie Film Festival

Bruce Michael Miller is a producer, guitarist, award winning songwriter, vocalist, performer and music educator. He has performed with such notables as Paul McCartney, Kenny Loggins, Jim Messina, Laura Branigan, The Standells, John Densmore of “The Doors”, Gary Wright, Jeffrey Steele, and others and has been part of many original bands and projects. His broad influences have allowed him to cross many genres with his songs and he is fluent in rock, country, blues, pop and R&B styles. 

25 years in Nashville, he is a producer, musician, music educator and professional songwriter. Bruce was lucky to have co-written songs with some some of the best songwriters in the world, including #1 writers like Angela Kaset (Something In Red-Lorrie Morgan), Jon Robbin (#1 I Breathe In I Breathe Out-Chris Cagle, I Guess You Had To Be There-Lorrie Morgan), Rand Bishop (My List-Toby Keith) and many others.

Before Bruce began songwriting full time he lived in Los Angeles and toured with some well known artists as a guitarist and vocalist. He was incredibly lucky to have been able to perform with Paul McCartney, Kenny Loggins, Jim Messina, Laura Branigan and many others in his career. Of course he didn’t start at the top but learned his craft and paid his dues playing 6 nights a week in smokey bars and clubs before he started getting work with more prominent artists.

While in Nashville Bruce had over 50 cuts of his songs by other artists and won the Grand Prize at the Smoky Mountain Songwriters Festival in 2016 and 2017. He also had the honor of being an Oscar contender in 2013 for best song in a motion picture and later winning first place in the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival for best song in a motion picture. In 2019 he won the "Songs On The Bayou" songwriters festival for best blues song.

As an educator he was the most requested song evaluator for NSAI as well as being a song critique trainer for regional coordinators, Bruce has taught songwriting at the college level and is active in the Nashville and Idaho songwriters community, where he still co-writes and pitches his songs. He has mentored songwriters on upwards of 14,000 songs and has been a judge for the CMT songwriting contest for the past several years. He currently works and evaluates songs for Global Songwriters Connection. 

As a producer Bruce has recorded hundreds of demos  with songwriters wanting to pitch their material and with artists wanting to make records, including Twin Fall’s own, Heather Platts. One of the things that sets him apart from other producers is that he insists that the songs that are on the projects that he records be as well crafted as they can possibly be. There’s nothing sadder than someone spending thousands of dollars on a great sounding recording of songs that aren’t where they could be. It really is all about the song.

As well as being a touring singer/songwriter he is currently on the board of the ISA (Idaho Songwriters Association) and is excited to be focusing more on the craft of songwriting by offering workshops and mentoring writers who are looking to improve their craft. Please check out the ISA at www.Idahosongwriters.com

Bruce teaches songwriting privately, does songwriting and performance mentoring and also has recording services for all audio production needs.

Please contact at bruce@brucemichaelmiller.com 

Sample track "Faith In Water"

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