A great song is the wedding between the melody and the lyric. Bruce Michael Miller's 'Already Somebody' is a perfect marriage.”

— - John Densmore (drummer for the Doors)

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Unique, emotional, powerful. A master songwriter and world class guitarist. Bruce's songs distill the human experience into four minute miracles of detail, molecules of emotion and visceral infectious guitar groove.

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Grand Prize Winner of the 2016 Smoky Mountain Music Festival

Bruce Michael Miller is a producer, guitarist, songwriter, vocalist, performer and music educator. He has performed with such notables as Paul McCartney, Kenny Loggins, Jim Messina, Laura Branigan, The Standells, John Densmore of “The Doors”, Gary Wright, Jeffrey Steele, and others and has been part of many original bands and projects. 

Bruce has had cuts by Steve Holy, Legendary Blues artist Miranda Louise, traditional country great Allen Carl, pop artist Lisa Nemzo, Nancy Terzian, Miss Jeannie and others. Bruce’s songs have been featured in motion pictures, performed internationally by other artists, and he has scored and produced movie soundtracks. His broad influences have allowed him to cross many genres with his songs and he is fluent in rock, country, blues, pop and R&B styles. 

Currently Bruce has 4 songs in the motion picture “Halloween Party,” two of which were written for the film. He produced and played on all 4 tracks with his band XX Bottom and the song “Voodoo” is on the opening and closing credits. Voodoo was chosen as an Oscar nomination contender for best song in  a motion picture for 2013. The song just took Winner for best song in a motion picture at the Los Angeles Independant film festival.

Bruce has been writing with and mentoring singer/songwriters in the Nashville area for the past several years and is finding new passion in developing and producing artists.

He was the most requested song evaluator for NSAI as well as being a song critique trainer for regional coordinators, Bruce has taught songwriting at the college level and is active in the Nashville songwriters community, where he still co-writes and pitches his songs. He has mentored songwriters on upwards of 12,000 songs and has been a judge for the CMT songwriting contest for the past several years.

His publishing company and recording studio is Little Eden Music.

Sample track "Faith In Water"

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